24 May

When watching investigational television shows, it can seem like everybody has a family lawyer, a Entertainment Lawyer Toronto just waiting to step in and help clients when necessary.

 However, entertainment law is a specialized law on which many artists and performers depend heavily. Therefore, even though most people do not need legal advice, some fields of work do.

Who can get the benefit of having an Entertainment Lawyer Toronto?

 Let’s check!

If you are an Entertainment Industry Artist

You will need to determine whether you can contribute to the entertainment industry through your work. Some examples of artists who contribute to the entertainment industry include actors, songwriters, and singers. It may be beneficial to find an entertainment attorney if your work falls into this category.

You Plan To Sign a Contract

It is hard to understand and negotiate the terms of contracts, which is one of the main reasons artists seek legal advice. Those considering signing a record label contract need the assistance of an entertainment lawyer who can walk them through every section of the agreement so they can make an informed decision before signing. 

These legal professionals have likely dealt with record labels for years, which may enable them to work out deals with them so that you would not be able to.

For getting paid for your work

Naturally, you wish to make some money from your work as an artist. However, there are ways you could lose your intellectual property rights if you are not careful. Having a lawyer ensures that any agreement you enter into will benefit you financially. This is crucial!

If you want to understand Taxes

If you find that legal issues are confusing and difficult to handle, think about whether your creative work would benefit from some legal guidance.

If you are protecting an Intellectual Property

Although you may not see your music or other artistic creations, you should still take measures to protect them. Even though many art forms are intangible, they can still be robbed. 

Our entertainment lawyers can assist you in protecting your intellectual property so that what you work so hard to create remains yours.

 Intellectual property (IP) is your company’s bread and butter in the entertainment industry. Whatever your company creates can be patented, trademarked, or copyrighted to ensure its ownership is secured and clear. So, for trademark-related issues, you need a Trademark Lawyer

To register a trademark with the federal government, we can provide you with the support and guidance you need. If another company attempts to capitalize on your visibility and reputation by violating your rights, affirming your ownership of the IP in question can give you peace of mind.

The following are examples of trademarked properties:

  1. Company name
  2. Tag Lines
  3. Logo
  4. Wordmarks
  5. Colors

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